KinderApp Farm - My First Words


The KinderApp series is used by many schools and educational institutions worldwide. With KinderApp Farm, the latest and best edition, kids learn their "first words".


With KinderApp Farm - the best app to learn "first words" in a language with - we stand on a sunny wheat field, visit a stable with many animals, explore the farmyard, discover the vegetable garden, and enjoy being with the horses in the corral. With the app, children learn the names and pronunciations of more than 60 important objects on a beautiful farm.


Available languages: German, English, Spanish, Hungarian


Different levels guarantee long-lasting learning and fun!


In the "Listen" level, all objects on the screen are named when touched.

In game level "See" the same objects are sought and found with the help of the two cheeky characters, Miley and Mike.

The level "Speak" is brand new and allows you to record your own voice. This gives our children even more interaction and certainly a lot of fun learning!

Regular praise ensures fun and a lot of self-confidence during the game.


Lovingly designed, interactive pictures and animations.


All pictures are beautifully hand-drawn and animated by a professional filmmaker.

Two new characters, Miley and Mike, assist actively in the game, and help our kids to solve all the puzzles.

When all the items are found, an extra surprise comes up and is very motivational for the kids.


Professional and prominent speakers entertain in multiple languages.


A correct pronunciation is guaranteed by radio and TV speakers in German and English.

The German voice was recorded by the well-known radio presenter Arlett Drexler (including Radio Gong, Antenne Bayern).

* Other languages (including Spanish, Hungarian) can be added.


Play and learn.


First Words apps are great support for our children to learn to speak early and with the right pronunciation. Playful learning is very important at this age. With KinderApp you can support bilingual education by simply switching to a foreign language. A new language opens up a new world, an incredible enrichment for every child. We are particularly pleased that the KinderApp series is also very popular in schools and educational institutions worldwide.


Made for Ages 2+


The KinderApp series is popular and recommended by the media / press:

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